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Christmas already!

Where has the year gone? It only seems a matter of moments since I was designing for Christmas in the heat of summer and suddenly we all need scarves and hats and the shops are stocking Christmas cards and gifts!

Lots of people have asked me if they can buy my cards online, so to set the ball rolling I’ve decided to offer 20 of my Christmas designs here. I’m offering them at £5.50 for any 5 cards from either or both Range I and II, but you’ll need to use this code at checkout: xmas2019

If it goes well I’ll think about offering some of my everyday designs in the New Year.

When I was busy designing for Christmas I had an idea which has been very well received; it is seeing reminders of the Christmas story around the city. For example, Pret a Manger, The Star (pub) , The Dome which was the stable for the Royal Pavilion and of course signs in our local B&Bs saying “No Vacancies” or No room!

(C) Shirley Veater

It’s amazing how many you find once you are atuned to seeing these reminders of the Christmas story. I’d be interested to know if you find some too.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2020


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Lent 2019

The Stations of the Cross II: Jesus takes up His Cross

I am so pleased to tell you that the book More Prayers with a God of Love has sold really well and we’re down to single figures! Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, we have already sent a cheque to Open Doors for the monies raised so far.

I am considering mounting the original paintings I did for the book and offering them for sale unframed … watch this space!

We are in Lent as I write this, and I wanted to share with you a series of paintings I have done; The Stations of the Cross.

It’s a theme I’m really interested in and am contemplating doing other sets, or series, including acrylic on canvas. I’m always drawn to the Stations of the Cross in churches I visit, which often then inspire me to produce my own interpretation.

These are gouache on watercolour paper with a double mount, I am not selling the originals but would take commissions, contact me for details. (Please excuse the photography, to avoid the reflections in the glass, I had to take the pictures from an angle so they look a little twisted.)

Thank you for your interest in my work,


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More Prayers with a God of Love

I’m absolutely delighted to tell you that following the success of our last book “Prayers with a God of Love” we have just brought out our new book “More Prayers with a God of Love”. We’re happy to say that profits will be going to the charity “Open Doors” so we are praying that it sells well!

It’s been an enjoyable challenge to attempt to capture with my paintings, Selwyn’s beautiful poetic prayers and reflections. I hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

Back to the drawing board … I’m busy designing Christmas cards in August!




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A new painting … The Light of the World

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve just completed a new painting:

The Light of the World.

Thinking of Christ’s description of Himself:  Light contains all colours, so in this spectrum all colours, as all people, are of equal value.

Then thinking of the hymn “The head that once was crowned with thorns is crowned with glory now”:   following the Resurrection of Jesus the light is emanating from the cross.

I’m now working on a partner for this canvas: “Pentecost” it’s in its early stages at the moment, but I will post it and let you know, here, when I’ve completed it.

Must get back to the canvas before my paint starts to dry out!

Thanks for reading


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Welcome to my online gallery.

In the Beginning – Acrylic on canvas Copyright Shirley Veater

I am an artist with quite a few years experience.

I paint mostly in acrylics on canvas, many of my paintings have a Christian spiritual meaning, but it is not religious art as such.

I have undertaken commissions for The Salvation Army in Brighton and Cheam Methodist church in Surrey, with their permission I will post images of those works in the gallery but I am unable to offer them for sale.

I designed a large stained glass window at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church along with many of their church banners.

Photograph by Tony Tree: Murals at The Chapel in the Inn, Brighton


I have also undertaken a series of murals – five life-sized wall paintings of Saints for the Chapel in the Inn, Brighton.

I have exhibited at Grand Parade, Brighton, George Street Gallery, Brighton (one-man show), Dorset Gardens Methodist Church and The Friends Centre in Brighton. I had two paintings accepted but not hung at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London. Also exhibited at The Open Art Gallery, Rottingdean; Mockingbird, Worthing; St Giles, Cripplegate, London (with Christian Arts) as well as Worcester Cathedral (also with Christian Arts). There are many of my paintings in private collections.

Enjoy a browse!



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Shirley Veater Designs

Hi! I’m Shirley. Welcome.

I love to paint. The action of paint on canvas inspires me. I love colour and capture light and energy.

Many of my paintings express Spiritual ideas, but are not “religious” paintings. I have many commissioned paintings in Churches. That’s my favourite occupation.

I’m excited by the shapes of seagulls wings in motion, the energy produced by distorted, writhing, triangular forms. I have a deep affinity with the colour blue.

Have a browse through my website. Let my paintings “speak” to you.

You can be in touch with me here
Thanks for reading.
Shirley Veater.